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We provide gutter services for both residential and commercial markets. Our qualified company provides a full spectrum of gutter services.



Water protection is the biggest need for a home. Don Kennedy Roofing is an expert in getting the water off your roof and dispersing it away from your home. Our consultants give free estimates for designing a perfect gutter system for your home. Don Kennedy Roofing leads the industry with their knowledge of gutter systems.  Our consultant will provide you with a free estimate after extensively evaluating your individual needs.


Don Kennedy Roofing excels in finding errors in gutter systems and properly fixing the issues. Many gutter systems have errors such as a leaking seam due to fallen gutters. We can replace anything from a section of gutter to the entire gutter system. Don Kennedy Roofing takes pride in finding the problem and correcting it the first time.


 Gutters cost less than 1% of the cost of your home, but can save you thousands in expensive repairs. Gutters are designed to carry water and runoff from your roof and safely move it away from vital components of your home without damage. A properly installed gutter system will protect your home from foundation problems, basement leaks, rotted windows and damaged fascia boards and soffits. At Don Kennedy Roofing we are leaders in the industry not just because of our quality of work, but because we care about you and your home.


Whether you have noticed a gutter pulling away from your house, or issues with water diversion. Our experts at Don Kennedy Roofing would like to assist you in a thorough gutter inspection. Leaves can build up and clog the downspouts, which can cause water damage to your roof and fascia (the board behind the gutter).  Water pouring over the gutters or from leaks can end up next to your home’s foundation, in the basement or crawlspace. You can trust that you will have a thorough inspection completed by one of our highly skilled inspectors.


At Don Kennedy Roofing we believe in getting the most life out of your gutters. Maintenance is a key element to saving money on your gutter system by providing a longer service life. Preventative maintenance should be performed semi-annually to identify and solve problems as they occur.


Is cleaning your gutters worth falling and getting hurt? Don Kennedy Roofing will clean all the debris in your gutters to make sure they work properly again. Also, Don Kennedy Roofing can inspect the gutters while on site to make sure they are in good condition for years to come. See Gutter Pro System for a debris protection system that actually works.


If financing a new gutter system makes sense for your family, we invite you to apply for a loan with our partner GreenSky. They have more than 1.3 million satisfied customers and carry an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We’ve found their loan process to be fair and customer friendly through the years and encourage you to apply with them if it fits your needs.


At Don Kennedy Roofing, our people are our greatest asset. It is because of the heart of each employee that we get to do what we love every day, with the people we love. We are proud to say that we are a family owned and operated business in Nashville and we are here to stay. Join our team and become a vital part of our family today.


Choosing a roofing company may prove to be a difficult process. We suggest taking a look at a company’s awards and recognitions, as it offers insight into the quality of your roofing contractor. Find out more about why you should chose Don Kennedy Roofing as your Middle Tennessee Roofing Contractor.


Providing the best value in quality roofing and gutter installation services, Don Kennedy Roofing offers a number of promotions throughout the year to help you meet your home maintenance needs!


Middle Tennessee has given us the perfect platform to grow our business and at Don Kennedy Roofing, we believe in giving back. Your trust in us is a commitment to improve our community one dollar at a time.
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