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What is the difference between soft washing and power washing?
The main difference between a soft wash and a pressure wash is the pressure of the water used to clean. A soft wash uses less than 500 pressure per square inch (PSI) for rinsing or cleaning, while a pressure wash uses over 500 PSI. Because of the lower pressure, there is a special tip applied to the washer that widens the spray and drops the point of pressure.
What kind of machines do you use to soft wash?
The machine we use for soft washing is actually the same type of machine used for pressure washing or power washing. The difference is the special tip on the washer that widens the spray and drops the point of pressure.
What does soft washing clean?
Soft wash is safe for all materials: wood, siding, concrete, and more.
What kind of chemicals do you use to soft wash and clean?
Soft wash is effective because of the chemicals in the solution used to clean your home. This will clean common dirt and grime with ease, as well as stains on any surface. Soft washing also sanitizes and removes the root issues of the stains. These outdoor stains are often caused by Gloeocapsa Magma, which is a bacteria that commonly causes visible black streaks. Soft wash is able to remove the Gloeocapsa Magma, which will lead to a truly clean surface.
How do I know what kind of cleaning I need?

It depends on the kind of materials of your home. Our technicians will help you discern which type of cleaning is best for your property. We’re proud to offer combination cleanings that service all elements of your home. For example, we can soft wash your playset and roof, pressure wash your patio furniture, and power wash your driveway, all in one service.

What parts of my home can I soft wash?
Because it is so gentle on the surface, you can soft wash everything on your home or your business, including the roof, siding, porches, gutters, fences, and driveways.
Is soft washing safe?
Yes! Soft washing is very safe for your driveway and business. Because it is low pressure, it is safe for all types of materials.
How can I schedule an appointment?
Give us a call at 615-833-9393 or make an appointment on our website, donkennedyroofing.com.
How long does soft washing take?
While it depends on the size of the building or home, soft washing can typically be done in half of a day. When you call to make your appointment, our team will be able to give you a better estimate of how long this service will take for you.


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